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Client Comments

Highly recommended!! Best dogs best service! Don't miss out bring the furry kids in for some fun!

Shawna C.


Very friendly atmosphere - my dogs enjoy visits there

Terri P.


I have a two year old small breed rescue who thinks she can run with the big dogs. At the Doggy Hotel she gets to prove she can with her weekly play group. So grateful to have somewhere to leave her for a day to run that "puppy" off and socialize. She's always in great spirits and goes bananas with excitement when we turn onto Bickford Street.

Katie C.


Erik at The Doggy Hotel is awesome! My dog absolutely loves her play day at The Doggy Hotel.

Neil W.


My dog is always excited as soon as he realizes that we are headed to the Doggy Hotel. It is clear that Eric cares about all of his doggy hotel guests from the way that he knows all of them by name, remembers which ones are my dog's best buddies, and loves to show me pictures that he has taken of Loui during his stay. I always feel that my dog is well taken care of. Thanks Eric!

Rose H.


I take Riley to the Doggy Hotel every Tuesday. He looks forward to it...he knows when it's Tuesday.....he gets very excited when we get about a block away. He runs in the door and is ready for his play day ! When he gets home late afternoon , he has his dinner, gets into his recliner and sleeps the rest of the evening and night. He's a tired and happy dog!

Val C.


We love The Doggy Hotel! My dog always comes home happy and the staff is great !

Kelsey O.


Freida loves the Doggy Hotel. She eagerly jumps out of our car, ready to greet her friends and enjoy her time to socialize and rest in the cage-free environment. The hotel provides individualized care in a clean safe area. We recommend the hotel to anyone interested in excellent care away from home for their "best friend"

Mike J.